The Bares Ranch was developed in 1974 at the home of Mrs. Henry Bares at Rural Route Box 93 in Youngsville, LA.  Training was primarily based on agriculture work.  Due to the increase of individuals being served, there was a need for a new facility.  In 1980, the Bares Center was built at 809 S. Severin in Erath, LA.  Training was focused on social skills and academic development.  With changes occurring in the State, for individuals to develop to their full work potential, in 1986 Supportive Employment was introduced.

Training is presently targeted for individuals to be employed in the community in single job placements or on Mobile Crews.  On April 1, 2004, The Arc of Vermilion expanded its vision and opened a Re-Sale Clothing Store located at 2525 Charity Street in Abbeville, Louisiana.  Today the store is thriving and giving our individuals a job that they can be proud of.